Monday, June 18, 2012

New Mom To Be

It's official.  I'm going to have a baby!

Much to my surprise, on March 26th, I was informed that I was pregnant.  It was a surprise, as Husband and I had decided to put the actual baby making on hold for a couple of months while I had a couple of foot surgeries.  But I guess when the Lord wants you to have a baby, you will have one.

I was actually at a follow up after my second foot surgery when the nurse practitioner said, "Did you know you are pregnant?"

Wait.  What?

Yep.  Apparently the test 4 days before the surgery and the day of the surgery missed the fact that I was expecting.  It wasn't until after the surgery that my condition became apparent.

It's alright though as I needed the surgery and come to find out from my doctor, that the painkillers I took at that time were not harmful for my baby.

So we are having a baby!  Hooray!  Our little bundle of joy is due on November 27th.  Fingers crossed the baby will come in November!  I don't wish a December birthday on any of my babies.  =)

We told our families and friends about the baby on Sunday, May 13th (Mother's Day) and have been enjoying the well wishes, doctors appointments and new baby excitement since.

This is all so new to me.  And a little scary.  It has been fun because I feel like I'm being welcomed into a new club that I was forbidden to join until I became pregnant or a mom.  It will be such a new experience and life changing event, I am excited but terrified at the same time.  There are so many successful parents out there that I know everything will be okay.  It's like when I was graduating from high school.  What came next was exciting and new, but my whole life was about to change so I was scared of the uncertainty and newness of it all.  And having a baby is even more anxiety ridden.  I will have a little person that I am completely responsible for, not just myself.

Don't get me wrong.  I know this will be a great blessing and will teach me so much that I don't know.  I know that we have to step into the unknown to truly understand faith and trust in the Lord.  And only in becoming a parent can I truly understand the full extent of unconditional love and selflessness.

This will be a difficult but wonderful journey.  And I am so excited to embark upon it with Husband.  He is a great man and will be a wonderful support.  I cannot wait to share this with him.  He will be a great father!

Wish me luck!


Joanne said...

So excited for you! You'll be a great mom. Good luck!

Tara G. said...

Congratulations again lady!!! Thrilled for you guys and can't wait to hear what you're having!